August 16

Careers In Hong Kong

A lot of us now look for careers in foreign countries for various reasons. Most times they are higher paying than at home and it is always an adventure to be working in an unknown country and to get to know and experience their various cultures and traditions. Hong Kong is a leading country in terms of business and is even the regional hub for finance, IT, Banking and legal skills demand. Here are a few pointers in getting a job and developing a career in Hong Kong.

What are the chances of actually getting a job?

While there may be quite a few vacancies in the market, it is mandatory for a person to be sponsored in Hong Kong in order to be eligible to work if you are a foreign citizen. Thus, finding a job and securing a position in a company before arriving in the city is much easier and a lot more secure in this aspect as then, you will have the appropriate visa in place. Most local companies recruit from the professional base at home which isfairly extensive and qualified. Thus, unless there is a significant skills gap in the local job market, if you are a foreign citizen, the best chance is to approach the country through the many multinational corporations in operation in Hong Kong. While English is the main language through which business is carried out, knowing a bit of Cantonese, having a local additional qualification of HKMAAL course.

Or in such as a HKIAC mediation course, which are things rarelyseen in foreign candidates, will be an added bonus to securing a job in Hong Kong. 

The Different Industries looking for Employees

There are a few major dominating industries in Hong Kong. The service industry as a whole dominates more than 90% of the GDP of the country and thus is always on the lookout for fresh new talent. Of these, professional and financial services are constantly in demand followed by the clothing and textile industry. As a transportation and trading hub, there are also constant vacancies in the shipping industry along with other consumables such as electronic goods. 

While the above are the biggest industries in the country, medical, educational, creative and cultural and environmental industries are fast developing and jobs are created and vacancies are opening up for both locals and foreign professionals. There are also job opportunities in the technology industry. Internal audits, business development, sales, digital marketing, brand management and managing of operational risks are areas in which see a shortage of workforce and have job opportunities available.

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