May 12

The Link To Unemployment And The Lack of English Knowledge Skills


As globalization becomes a mass exodus of migration from developing to developed countries, the need for a common language has now become the missing link to communication. The lack of a common language spoken well so that all could understand the issues facing mankind has brought the human spices to the brink of dire destruction. There are numerous and absolutely essential whys and wherefores for the reason to learn English, but since it is said to be one of the most problematic lingos to learn it is vital to give emphasis on why precisely the individual and the world needs to learn English now and not postpone it.

This article will highlight some of the courses available to achieve this goal. From the many hundreds of courses available to the public in the form of English courses, the TESOL course, which stands for Teaching English for speakers of others languages, has become one of the better known certified courses available and internationally recognized.

TESOL courses in Sydney are well-covered comprehensive English course which will help the students to improve all the four components that are needed for the 21st century global citizen. However it also gives more emphasis to the most important component such as Speaking. The need for speaking and expressing ones thoughts has become the most important to solve much or even all the worlds issues.

The issue of unemployment and how to correct the problem

The rise of unemployment and the lack of employable skilled humans comes down to the basic reason that English is the barrier keeping the employed and unemployed apart. The significance of acquiring the knowledge English cannot be exaggerated in an ever more interlocked and globalized world. For the millions of migrants from war torn countries who move around the world every year, learning to converse in English is the most vital component to come into and finally prosper in the developed world. An average knowledge of the English language can generate many openings in the global markets, however an advanced level of the language can sky rocket an individual to the top of the adder as no other qualification can.

As most young people set out on their on their journey of life and wish for the rainbow of success, the lack of this basic need will definitely be a barrier for future success. English is the most extensively used language in the industrial and economically unstable world of today, and it is now the accepted official language of the world.

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